"Stop Drifting is an engaging self-help guide that suggests steps for developing positive personal and business mindsets."

— Foreword Clarion Reviews

"This isn't a book. It is a full contact coaching session with one of the most compelling personal improvement gurus of our time."

— Joseph Grenny, Co-Author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything. Co-Founder of VitalSmarts

"Whatever book you are reading now, hurry up and finish it. Stop Drifting is absolutely the next book you should read—it's really that good! For over 30 years, I have witnessed David Ibarra's passion and success as a leadership coach."

— Craig A. Bickmore, Executive Director New Car Dealers of Utah

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Two competing business owners on two very different paths until a chance encounter at the neighborhood diner changes everything. Little does Tom Stanley know when he meets Daniel Santos and makes a commitment to run a marathon, he is also initiating a change that will alter the course of his life, his relationships, and his business.

Stop Drifting is a story of great imagination to inspire new ways of mastering your mindset to achieve your dreams and wake you up to exciting new ways of thinking, being, and living.

Choose the life you want:

Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Do you have the energy to get through the day?

Are your relationships at home what you want them to be?

Do you have time to give back, or do daily stresses keep you from service?

Do you know your purpose and how to achieve it?

Pivot to Positive and become the Switch Master of Your Own Thought

Tom paid his bill and said goodbye to Mary as he left the diner. He got in his car, reached for the ignition button, and then paused. He felt excited, very excited in fact, but a small voice somewhere in the back of his head still whispered that he couldn’t do it. He started up his car as the voice told him to call Daniel and cancel; that he couldn’t run a marathon; and if he even tried, he might end up getting hurt or worse, hospitalized. Would he risk that just to prove a point to himself?

Tom shook his head and put the car in reverse. “No,” he said as he pulled out of the parking lot, “that’s Dr. Doubt, the guy Daniel was talking about. I will not let him win. I will not be put in that Negative Nuthouse. I’m going to do this. I will not let fear control my thoughts.” He looked down at Daniel’s card that he had laid face up in the cup holder. “I won’t back out. No matter how bad I want to.”

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